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Welcome to this web site that is not only for lovers of BOOKS and READING, as what I want is, in fact, touch the hearts of those to whom the BOOK and READING nothing represent, seeking to have a meaning quite different, through an Art felt, that makes us think and wander the imagination, always guided by the flavor of our values and references in life.

For those who love literature, such as I, you will find on this site a paradise where travel and, for those who did not yet "taste" the pleasure of leafing through a BOOK, I invite you to join with these small "readers" and hoping that you can enjoy with the same enthusiasm as they do...

Thank you all for encouraging me to make this world a little different.

Good trip...

Madalena Bensusan

Feira de Milão - L'Artigiano in Fiera - Itália

Feira de Milão onde os "leitores" estiveram entre os dias 2 e 10 de Dezembro de 2006.
Os italianos receberam-nos maravilhosamente.


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