Who am I

Madalena Bensusan was born in Lisbon in 1964.

Her dedication to BOOKS and READING began when she was still a student. Once finished high school, she gave her heart and soul to the world of bookstores, looking for more training in this area, taking the course of booksellers promoted by APEL (Portuguese Association of Publishers and Booksellers). Continued her trajectory of bookseller through great bookstores in the city of 7 hills,(Lisbon) embracing and developing projects that were based on the dissemination of BOOKS and READING, in a continuous attempt that BOOKS and READING are part of each one of us.

One day, while was enjoying the Tejo River, she imagined small creatures on the rocks, adapting its forms to each one of them, in search of the ideal position for the READING. And thus were born the Pedras de Leitor (Reader's Stone).

Today, the small readers jump to colored paintings and, always with the same energy, seeking to attain its favorite subject -- the BOOK!

 It is urgent and necessary to all of us to do a "RACE TO BOOK".

www.pedrasdeleitor.com | leitores@pedrasdeleitor.com | Ph.: (+351) 913 408 779
Pedras de Leitor - Madalena Bensusan
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